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We can change the life of those who have no hope

It dreams of the dawn of the day when every deaf and blind child in Sri Lanka is free from poverty and is able to have the education and support needed to play an integral and important part in the society of Sri Lanka.

DABAL believes that it will continue to make an ever-increasing impact in the lives of deaf and blind children in Sri Lanka by raising awareness that it is important to invest in their future to enable and empower them to reach out for educational and employment opportunities.

Who we are

Deaf and Blind Aid Lanka (DABAL) was established on 7th November 2004.

Our aim is to help improve the quality of life for many deaf and blind children in Sri Lanka, who are in under –funded rural schools that need support for improvement of facilities and infrastructure.

Our friendship has been an invaluable ingredient in the formation and development of the Charity. We work hard but we also laugh a great deal.

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Our vision

1. Many people have joined us and there has been overwhelming support.

2. Our fundraising has been a remarkable success so far but we have begun to realise increasingly that our challenges are very great.

3. All our supporters, like you, are aware that every pound we raise in the UK is a great deal of money in Sri Lanka.

4. We were the runners up of a Sri Lankan Charity competition last year.

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Our Mission

Our specific mission is to enable Deaf and Blind rural Schools in Sri Lanka to enhance provision of welfare, educational and recreational facilities.

It is a policy of the Charity to support two deaf and Blind schools each year. According to the survey on identified Deaf and Blind Schools in Sri Lanka done by Price Waterhouse Coopers in 2012 there are twenty schools, scattered around the island nation. The schools are chosen by lottery at the Annual General Meeting and every school that needs the charity's support has an equal chance of being chosen.

The focus is still very much on providing educational facilities.

It is Mark Twain who said, "Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see". The evidence suggests that "the language" is gathering momentum.

Coming events


Coming Events.

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Place your advertisement on DABAL web site. Just donate £100 on the front page or £60 on other pages, the add will appear an year.

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Our Vision - continued

1. Although we are not legally required to do so our financial statements are audited  by a firm of accountants and presented to the members each year at the AGM.

2. None of the committee members get paid for anything other than being occasionally  reimbursed for minor incidental expenses such as postage etc.

Every year at the AGM we choose a school to support by placing the names of all the deaf and blind schools in the whole island in a hat and picking one from them.

Our Long Term Objectives Based On Our Research Are :

1. To improve the lifestyle of the deaf and blind children

2. To improve the quality of their education

3. To bridge the gap between where education ends and the job requirements begin

4. To attract the estimated 90% of deaf and blind children who do not attend school into proper education.

Our mission is to fundraise and support two schools at a time every year, as we have done in the past and in the next two years develop a consortium in Sri Lanka to realise our long-term objectives set out above.

Our vision is the see the dawn of the day when every single deaf and blind child can become an integral and important part of Sri Lankan society
“Even the longest journey begins with one step” – old Chinese proverb -
We believe we have made a good start and we are on our way……

“Kindness is a language that the blind can see and the deaf can hear” 
Mark Twain

Your kindness will, I am sure,  be heard and seen by the deaf and blind children of Sri Lanka.

Our projects so far

Past and Ongoing Projects - In the recent past DABAL funds raised here in the UK have supported 16 Deaf and Blind Rural schools in Sri Lanka in 22 times.


2006 & 2017
2007 & 2017
2008 & 2017
Dharisanam School for the Visually Handicapped, Batticaloa
School for the Blind and Deaf, Polonmaruwa, Tangalla
Sri Sudharshi School for the Deaf & Blind,Udukumbawela,Ella
2010 & 2016
Sandagala Uhumeeya Deaf and Blind School, Kurunegala
Neth Sawan Sarana School for the Deaf & Blind, Dikkumbura
Sivarajah School for the Deaf and Blind, Mahawewa
Yasodhara School for the Deaf & Blind, Balangoda
School for the Deaf & Blind, Kumbukkana, Monaragala
Valvaham Home for Visually Handicapped, Chunnakam, Jaffna
Chandrasekara Deaf school, Horetuduwa, Moratuwa
2013 & 2016
2014 & 2015
St Joseph's Deaf school Ragama
Deaf and Blind school Anuradhapura

View the Sri Lanka Map to see all schools we supported so far.

According to statistics there are 18 schools in all, scattered all over the Island nation of Sri Lanka. The children who attend these schools are from the poorest in society, and are deprived of having a proper education. The recent support that DABAL has received has meant that two schools could be chosen for support every year. This is in no small measure due to the enormous contribution made by Alan Durham and his colleagues who have enthralled and inspired everyone with their brand of music at our fundraising concerts over the years. It is thrilling to have Lord Low of Dalston, formerly the Chairman of the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) as the Patron of DABAL. There have been many other people who have given their support to DABAL by making donations, by buying raffle tickets and by attending the DABAL fund-raising events.DABAL has been “brought up” by a growing community of many diverse people. DABAL has found that diversity is not a threat at all but provides opportunity for enrichment and enjoyment. There is no doubt that it’s early “community upbringing” will provide all the values that are needed to meet the significant challenges of the future.