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Tea party at house of lord - July 2014

The distinguished Peer, disability rights campaigner and former Chair of the RNIB Lord Low of Dalston paid handsome tribute to the efforts of a UK Registered Charity-Deaf and Blind Aid Lanka which supports the underfunded Rural schools in the island nation of Sri Lanka,The summer event attended by one hundred and twenty  invited and distinguished gathering of guests in the House of Lords in the Palace of Westminster was held on Monday 28th July 2014.

The Trustees of DABAL are
1. Ameera Hussain(Chairperson)
2. Faisal Hussain(Vice Chairman)
3. Beulah Mendis(Secretary)
4. Priya Welikala(Treasurer)
5. Nadani Welikala(Membership/Events Secretary)
6. Lionel Bandara(Webmaster)
7. Nimal avaratne(Publicity/Photographer)
8. Charmaine Jayasuriya
9. Calista Jayasinghe
10. Chris Seelanatha
11. Drowpathi Pillai.

Lord Colin Low welcoming the gathering commended the work of DABAL and said it was one of his favourite charities and he was very proud to be associated with it.

Applauding the work of DABAL Sri Lanka's representative to the Court of St James,His Excellency High Commissioner Dr Chris Nonis who was the Chief guest and speaker at the occasion commended DABAL'S work as a UK based charity representing the multi ethnic community of Sri Lanka,working together to help the disabled and disadvantaged children attending the rural schools in the island nation.He recounted how he and his family's personal involvement in helping the differently abled in Sri Lanka to achieve their full potential.

Lord Naseby Co-Chair of the all party parliamentary group on Sri Lanka and a longstanding friend of the people of Sri Lanka said he was delighted to hear of DABAL'S efforts to make an impact on the lives of the Deaf and Blind children in Sri Lanka.

The Chairperson Ameera hussain delivering the vote of thanks to all present expressed her sincere thanks to Ivan Corea compere of the event for giving an excellent coverage of the work done by DABAL

Francesca Ashfield(granddaughter of Priya and Nadani Welikala) presented the Flowers to Lady Low and gave a solo performance in memory of her late grandmother Eileen Ashfield,who was an indefatigable campaigner for the Guide dogs for the Blind UK charity.Beulah Mendis presented the Patron Lord Colin Low the novel"Village in the Jungle" in braille by Leonard Woolf,who served in the then Ceylon as a Colonial Administrator.The novel was set in Ceylon

The string quartet "Bagatalle" provided entertaining music which added to the ambience.