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kadambari jewellery sale in aid of Deaf and Blind Aid Lanka - 30 may 2015, st gabriels church hall, 30 warwick sq, london, sw1v2ad.

To improve the lifestyle of the deaf and blind children in Sri Lanka

DABAL - Trustees for the yar 2015

Ameera Hussain (Chair Person), Lady Low, Lord low of Dalston, Beulah Mendis (Secretary), Charmanie Jayasuriya (Wise Chair Person).
Chris Seela-Natha ( Committee), Nadani Welikala (Membership & Event Secretary), Lionel Bandara (Web Master), Dropathi Pillai (Committee), Feisal Hussain (Committee)

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Savithri Vijayaratnam
As always we recieve generous donations of ££££ from the sale of Kadambari Jewellery sale evey year.

We are very grateful to Rashantha and Savithri for organising the sale and to Savithri for untiring efforts to bring her friends and colleagues to the sale.