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St Josephs Deaf school Ragama - school visit for donation - 2015

Ragama Deaf And Blind School

Greetings from Sri Lanka…
Wish you a spirit -filled blessed Easter…!!!

Dear Mrs.Priya Welikala,
I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your thoughtfulness towards the growth of our school; it was a great support for the deaf children’s education. 
As our school started on 1935, we are going to complete 80 years in this year. At present there are 160 deaf-children are studying in the school, and at the same time they are following the normal syllabus. Children are studying from the pre-school up to grade 13.we are happy to inform you that our students get through the O/L and A/L exams in every year. They are capable in doing sports, arts, dancing, handwork and sewing too. The children grow in an atmosphere of love, patience and motherly care of our Rev, sisters and teachers. As we are moving with the special children we follow the vision of “To fully integrate the hearing impaired children in the society”. We energize them to stand on their own feet in the society. As we are Perpetual Help sisters we give our main focus to the hearing impaired children as they are special in God’s sight.
Once again I would like to inform you that we got the money Rs.2, 93,000.00 from your cheque and still we are on the repairing process of the lightning system of our main hall. According to the estimate it will be more than Rs .300, 000.00. I try my best to manage it and to complete the work. We pray that our heavenly father may showers His blessings upon you and to your family. We appreciate your generous service towards the needy.
Thank you
May GOD Bless You.
Yours sincerely,
Sr. Nirmalie
Principal- St. Joseph School for the deaf, Ragama.