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DABAL held their annual Autumn Lunch, at the Rising Sun Restaurant, Sudbury Hill, Harrow on 5th November 2017.

The event was rather overshadowed by the sad news of the dismise on 30th October 2017 of Mr. Priya Welikala, the first Treasurer and a founder member of DABALMr. Sarath Weerasinghe a previous Chairman and a founder member, and Lord Low of Dalston the Patron, gave moving tributes to the memory of Priya Welikala, whose professionalism, initiatives, and guidance, helped to establish and publicise the charity.

Atwo minute silence was observed on honour of his memory.

The occasion on the whole was very well attended, by DABAL members and friends, who enjoyed the delicious Sri Lankan cuisine, and the musical entertainment.

Lunch ticket sales and donations (in memory of Priya Welikala) have enhanced the charity's funds which will further support the education of children with special needs in Sri Lanka.