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Deaf and Blind School - Sandagala Uhumeeya, Kurunegala - 2017 Feb

Visit to Sandagala Uhumeeya School
Students Dancing video Clip
Students Singing video Clip

On the 1st February 2017, Lionel, Feisal and I from the Deaf and Blind Aid Lanka Association committee visited the Sandagala Uhumeeya School in Kurunegala where deaf and blind children are provided educational support. The school educates 40 boys and 50 girls and provides all necessary facilities to ensure the children receive a well rounded education. Classes are conducted by 20 teachers from year 1 to 11 - including GCE O/Ls.

For children who pursue their higher studies of GCE A/Ls; the school provides science and arts stream courses and thereafter supports in securing professional employment opportunities as well. Sports and creative skills are also encouraged at the school, where in cricket and volleyball training takes place. Workshops, exhibitions and classes are held for children to express their artistic capabilities and display their crafts.

At present government support for such schools are limited to only funding the teacher's salaries. However, to ensure the children receive an all rounded education the necessary supplies, teaching facilities, necessary renovations etc, are made available as an when donors fund such initiatives.

During the visit the committee representatives of DABAL were warmly welcomed with song and dance followed by speeches which were translated into sign language by teachers for the children to understand. The overall impression we had on this school visit was that this school is run responsibly and professionally. It is in this regard that the annual sponsorship of 1500 Pounds was donated to the principal in charge by DABAL.

Ameera Hussain - DABAL Chairman

Newly joined student