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Dr. Reijetjes School for the Deaf (Savan Sahana) Moratuwa - 2017 Feb

Visit to Dr. Reijetjes schools for the Deaf.

On the 2nd February 2017, Lionel, Feisal and I from the Deaf and Blind Aid Lanka Association committee visited Dr. Reijntjes School for the Deaf. The School is located in Moratuwa and run by Ms. Tineka De Silva Nijkamp of Netherlands who is the founder and principal. At present educational support is provided to 100 children between the ages of 5 to 18 years free of charge.

With minimal government funding especially limited to schools in rural areas of the country, this relies on donors to finance in providing modern educational and training support to the children. Classes are not based on age but on cognitive reasoning of the children. Subjects covered include dancing, drama, painting, computer education, hairdressing and beauty care, cookery, sewing, dress making and embroidery as well as agriculture. Children who reach the age of 18 years are sent for suitable vocational training courses within the school or outside. After completion of such training the school helps the purples find suitable job placements.

The impression during this visit was that the school provided children with a well-rounded education and employable life skills in a professional environment. It is in this regard that the annual sponsorship of 1500 Pounds was donated to the principal in charge by DABAL.

Ameera Hussain - DABAL Chairman