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Every Penny you donate goes to Deaf & Blind Schools in Sri Lanka. So far we have donated for 19 schools.

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67 Luther Close, Edgware, Middlesex, HA88YY, United Kingdom
Telephone : 01883336647 E-mail:

DABAL Sri Lankan High Commission Embassy Visit, 13 Hyde Park Gardens, London,

on the Thursday 10th August 2017.

from left to right:  Angeline Kanagasooriam (DABAL Secretary), Nadani Welikala (DABAL Social Secretary), Her Excellency the High Commissioner Mrs Amari Wijewardene, Ameera Hussain (DABAL Chairman), First Secretary Mr N.L.A. Haleem.

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Special Donations for DABAL

Special Donation for Year 2017

Deaf and Blind Aid Lanka has recently received two very generous donations to its funds. A donation of £1500 has been received from an anonymous donor.

£1500 has been received from the Commonwealth Countries League in recognition of the excellent work being done by DABAL to help children with special needs in Sri Lanka. This donation has been facilitated by , Mrs. Nalini Paranavithana the first Sri Lankan president of the CCL.

Special Donation for Year 2016

- We received a generous donation of £1600 from Rashantha Devanesan being proceeds from sale of Jewellery.

- As usual a very generous donation of £500 was received by DABAL, from Peter Mackness this year.

- Our life meber Shiranee Perera ls kindly donated £100 for DABAL this year.

- Dunnya De-Silva kindly donated £100 via our secured online Paypal systems.

- Alice Burwosh Welikala - £100
- Ameera Hussain - £20
- Eric Peak - £20

Special Donation for Year 2015

- A very generous donation of £2000 was received by DABAL, from Dr. Angeline Kanagasooriam and Dr. Lakshman.

Special Donation for Year 2014

- A very generous donation of £2500 :- was received by DABAL, from Peter Mackness in honour of the memory of his late brother John Frederick Mackness, who suffered severe damage to his sight and hearing after contracting Meningitis at the age of two years.

When forwarding his donation Peter Mackness included three eulogies given at his brother's funeral service, which celebrated his brother's life and achievements.

The first eulogy in the form of a letter from Peter to his brother, described John's academic achievements, and his love of nature which had led him to undertake a variety of activities such as long country walks, mountaineering, and the "Pick Your Own" seasonal activities for fruit and vegetables.

The second eulogy from John's friend Peter Harris praised John's keen intellect and his curiosity about the world in general as well as his enthusiasm for classical music, railways and their workings.

A third eulogy from another friend Patricia Auty, highlighted John's love of erudite conversation, particularly with regard to current affairs and descriptions of flora and fauna.
All three eulogies emphasised John's independence of spirit, his outstanding intellectual and personal qualities, and above all his enthusiastic and independent spirit which enabled him to lead a productive life in spite of his disabilities.

In his letter of thanks to Peter Mackness, Priya Welikala the Treasurer of DABAL, stated that the life of John Mackness would be of great interest to all members of DABAL, and an inspiration to the charity to continue with its work in reaching out to the disadvantaged in Sri Lanka.

Mr Peter Mackness
Dr Adrian Arnold-Smith
Mrs Barbra Court
DR G and Dr Mrs Angeline Kanagasooriam
Mr Bruce and Mrs Hazel Buckingham
Dr Shevanthie Homer Vanniasingham
Mrs Kamala Shanmuganathan
Mr Roger Juer
Mrs Ruby Denny
Mrs Christine Pugh
Mrs Rashantha Devanesan(Tiras Jewellery)
Mrs Sirima Jayasekera(Symphony for a Child)

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