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DABAL – Every penny raised goes straight to the recipient schools without any bureaucratic impedance or wastage. All members, associates and helpers have always worked for no cost throughout. None in DABAL has ever received any remuneration, payments or benefits from the charity.
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“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”- Mark Twain.

Kindness is the universal language that is comprehended beyond the boundaries. Everyone understands and speaks this language. An act of kindness never goes futile.

Our Vision
DABAL has so far supported 16 schools. We hope to see the dawn of the day when every deaf and blind child in Sri Lanka is free from poverty and is able to have the education and support needed to play an integral part in the society of Sri Lanka. DABAL believes that it will continue to make an ever increasing impact on the lives of deaf and blind children in Sri Lanka by raising awareness that is important to invest in their future to enable and empower them to reach out for the educational and employment opportunities and eradicate the stigma attached to their disabilities.

Our Mission
Our specific mission is to enable Deaf and Blind rural Schools in Sri Lanka to enhance provision of welfare, educational and recreational facilities. It is a policy of the Charity to support at least two schools each year. According to the survey on identified Deaf and Blind Schools in Sri Lanka done by Price Waterhouse Coopers in 2012 there are about twenty schools scattered around the island. The focus is still very much on providing educational facilities.

Fundraising Activities

Donations & membership fees– regular donors are a stable source of fundraising from members and friends. We have established donors who give to us generously either an annual donation or send in regular payments via standing orders. Our membership fees raise money every year with new people joining on an annual basis or taking up life membership.

Concerts – Over the last two decades DABAL has become well known for its musical concerts from both professional and amateur musicians. We have support from fantastic performers of western classical musicians, and singers to traditional Sri Lankan musicians, dancers and singers. There has also been support from contemporary jazz and pop musicians. Our concerts are very well received and a fantastic experience to behold.

Since the pandemic we have also been able to expand to have on-line concerts with the support of a professional DJ and we have had very successful concerts.

Corporate Advertising – We sell space on our concert programmes and flyers where corporate sponsors can advertise.

Founders Day Lunch / Dinner – When possible, our founders and long-standing members meet up for a meal at a local restaurant and it is accompanied by interesting talks and often live musical contributions.

Kadambari Jewellary Sales – One of our supporters holds regular sales of her hand-made traditional south Asian antique and contemporary jewellery pieces in support of DABAL. It is an interesting experience and always a warm welcome to come and browse and purchase interesting pieces.

Sponsored Sporting or Entertainment Events – Supporters have raised funds with sponsored runs, marathons, and cycle rides. They can be done individually or in groups to support our cause. We have also sponsored entertainments where we give the right to use our name for a specific event.

Annual General Meetings – this is always a great opportunity for members to reconnect face to face and spend time discussing our achievements, assess improvements and update the membership of upcoming projects, to support our schools and children. We have prestigious guest speakers each year and choose interesting venues. A traditional Sri Lankan three-course meal is served, and trustees donate raffle prizes for a grand raffle draw on the day.

Grants from other organisations – A couple of years ago we applied for and won the Lent Fundraiser from St. Michael and All Angels Church, Chiswick, London. We fulfilled the criteria of a UK charity supporting educational opportunities for disadvantaged children outside the UK. Other supporting organisations like Friends of Sri Lanka Association (FOSLA), Symphony for a Child and British Sri Lankan Association (BRISLA) amongst others have either supported us or directly donated funds.

Thank You

“We really appreciate your help.” “We wanted to express our gratitude for your help and support so far given to DABAL.” “Your support means the world to us!”

Wesley College OBU – UK – From our inception , the Wesley College Old Boys’ Union (UK) has been real stalwart supporters of our cause Over long years , the WCOBU(UK) have consistently contributed to every aspect of our work , enabling us to reach the heights we have a;ained . Indeed , of all the numerous past pupils associa6ons linked to Sri Lanka , it is only the WCOBU(UK) which is recognized as a full corporate member of our charity

ST Michael’s Church – A couple of years ago we applied for and won the Lent Fundraiser from St. Michael and All Angels Church, Chiswick, London. We fulfilled the criteria of a UK charity supporting educational opportunities for disadvantaged children outside the UK

Riders for Charity – are collaborating with us to raise funds for the schools we support. They are a group of committed enthusiasts who love cycling and lend their support to established charities and their causes. They are a not-for-profit, humanitarian, volunteer organisation who have chosen DABAL to support in the coming year.

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